The Tipperary technology park located in Bawntameena, Nenagh Road, Thurles, heralds a new era for industry in North Tipperary and Thurles.  By establishing a new Technology Park in Thurles, Shannon Development is setting out to further position Thurles as a player in the new knowledge economy.

Tipperary Technology Park caters for a mix of overseas and Irish-owned technology and knowledge-driven enterprises.  A high quality physical environment, with an advanced telecommunications infrastructure for indigenous and inward investment technology companies, it will become a hub of technology and knowledge based activity with strong diffusion impact throughout North Tipperary.

Shannon Development has invested €3.8 million in developing the first 20,000 sq. ft. building at Tipperary Technology Park.  An existing 5,000 sq. ft. building at the location has been upgraded to accommodate new business already operational at the park.

Facilities include high quality Business incubation & expansion units from 6.97 sq.m. (75csq.ft) to 464.5csq.m. (5,000 sq.ft) fully managed shared broadband internet access, IP Telephony and access to shared office services such as networked colour printing, copying, scanning and a fully networked conference room with corporate presentation facilities.  Shannon Development offers this range of accommodation and services at highly competitive prices; Quotation on request.

IDA Ireland has expressed its full support for the Tipperary Technology Park initiative, and they confirm that the combination of good industrial telecommunications infrastructure, and the availability of skilled graduates and supports from the Tipperary Institute will greatly increase the chances of locating FDI project in Thurles.

As well as high quality accommodation and telecommunications infrastructure, eligible projects locating in the Tipperary Technology Park are offered the full range of grant and other supports.




Contact Details

Information on any aspect of Tipperary Technology Park can be obtained by contacting:

Brian Keating/Aileen Fogarty

Shannon Development

Tipperary Technology Park

Thurles, Co. Tipperary

Tel: 0504 29300  Fax: 0504 29500