• Business Incubation and Development.
  • North Tipperary Food Hub based in Rear Cross,
  • Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre
  • Tipperary Technology Park based in Thurles.
  • Supports offered to new industries who locate in appropriately zoned areas


Larger scale Industrial Units – Brownfield Opportunities

Property Location Size (sq.ft.) Comment
Erin Foods Thurles Estimated @ 100,000 Owned by Richard Quirke.

Retail/commercial development




Location Annual Rent Purchase price
Tipperary Technology Park €16 per sq.ft. including service charge of €4 / sq.ft. N/A
Argo Ltd. Archerstown 4,500 sq.ft. available

Region of €10/sq.ft.




Property Location Size in Acres Size in Hectares Comment
Archerstown Thurles 50 23.8 Owned by Shannon Commercial Properties.